• Embassies

    Café ComVida is the meeting point and connection of all those who seek to create this new reality. They are the stage of new ideas, discussions and practices on longevity. The ambassadors multiply this movement to their region, their country. Meet the Embassies:

    Belo Horizonte Embassy

    Partnership: Museu das Minas e do Metal; Portal Terceira Idade

    Ambassador: Gal Rosa

    Carapicuíba Embassy

    Partnership: FALC - Faculdade de Aldeia de Carapicuíba, Associação São Joaquim.

    Ambassadors: Lia Nasser

    Curitiba Embassy

    Partnerships: Impact Hub Curitiba, SESI Paraná.

    Ambassador: Marília Fuhrman

    Maringá Embassy

    Partnerships: PUC - Pontifica Universidade Católica, SESC Maringá e Instituto de Longevidade.

    Ambassador: Simone Fernandes

    Rio de Janeiro Embassy

    Partnerships: Somos GOMA, Zebu Mídias, Rede Asta

    Ambassadors: David Aquino, Christina Barbosa

    Santiago, Chile Embassy

    Embaixador: Rafael A. Estévez Valencia

    São Paulo Embassy

    Partnerships: USP-Programa Universidade Aberta à Terceira Idade, Unibes Cultural, Oficina da Sabedoria, Teatro do Sopro, SESC Itaquera,

    Ambassadors: Adriana Albertal,Sérgio Serapião, Beatriz Leite, Silvia Salgado, Mariam Dimitri

    Porto Alegre Embassy

    Partnership: Integrar Gerações, the Club 60+ and BV Flat.

    Ambassador: Guilherme Menezes

    Zona Norte São Paulo Embassy

    Partnership: Grupo UNITE.

    Ambassador: Lucia Santana

    Campinas Embassy

    Partnerships: Oca Co-working, Ateliê do Cuidado.

    Ambassadors: Alessandra Figueiredo

  • All the events organized by the embassies are collaborative and autonomous. The photos above were taken and sent by the ambassadors of each city.

  • Join the Embassy

    The monthly schedule of Cafés ComVida, in the active embassies, is available on the LAB60+ facebook. Access by clicking below.

  • Places where we have held meetings


    Partnership: SESC Bertioga


    Partnership: Sesc Santos


    Partnership: Sesc Sorocaba; Facens

    Ambassador: Lucia Santana

  • Develop an embassy LAB60+

    We believe in the co-responsibility of all to achieve the cultural transformation we want: Integrate people at all ages in solving the main issues that we have globally. On the other hand, we understand that each region knows its own challenges better, so we have to network to empower people from all regions to develop embassies of the movement and build up the movement.


    We learned in developing the movement that to open an embassy requires 2 to 3 diverse local organizations that commit to the principles of the movement and are dedicated to forming a local network and connecting with other embassies. Participation in the movement, especially in person, is the initial step. Followed by integration into LAB60+ Leadership Training Program. Thus, everyone who identifies themselves can volunteer to become LAB60+ ambassadors and leaders in their regions.


    The LAB60+ Leadership Development Program is based on the methodology LABempatilhaço, developed jointly with the leader LAB60+ Olivier Terreault (leader and founder of the Sopro Theater), is composed of an immersion in practical and conceptual workshops, whose main themes are empathy as a principle for working in a diverse network and vulnerability as an anchor for protagonism in causes.


    Throughout the Program we work on the values ​​of movement, the dynamics of meaningful encounters and how we potentiate the collective positive social impact on longevity. The Program allows a dive in the issues that move us as well as strengthens the connection of the group to enable disruptive transformations.


    On the network!

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